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Eklutna Water Project
Eklutna, Alaska - December 16, 1987

"Dave Owens began working on the Eklutna Water Project in July of 1986 as full time Municipal Code Inspector. He demonstrated extensive knowledge of national and local construction documents quickly and accurately, and has shown the inspection skills necessary to construct a project of this magnitude. Mr. Owens is eager to learn and take responsibility. He has an easy going personality and gets along well with the office staff and the Contactor's staff. I believe Mr. Owens would be an asset to any construction project and would be glad to discuss his performance on this one."

Allen B. Grunwald
Construction Services Manager

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Gruening Junior High School
Anchorage, Alaska - September 26, 1984

"All of us at the job site would like to thank you and the men of your department, and in particular Dave Owens for being a positive part of our first project here in Alaska. We recognize that there's been an awful lot of pressure on your department for inspection on this project and we appreciate the quality of people that you were able to assign, which was a major importance to us to get the project done in time for the start of the school year."

Bud Ferrell
Project Superintendent
Todd Building Company

Providence Hospital
Anchorage, Alaska - July 29, 1985

"On behalf of Providence Hospital, we would like to extend our thanks for the assistance provide by these building inspectors. The efforts of these professionals have been forthcoming on a timely basis, and often on short notice, to assist us in meeting our critical time schedules on this project."

Jim McElroy
Project Manager

Municipality of Anchorage
Anchorage, Alaska - May 16, 1985

"I have known Dave professionally for several years, and have supervised him as a Municipal Employee for 17 months. In both capacities, he has, by his actions, proven himself to be an outstanding individual in every regard. He takes extreme interest in his job which has placed him ahead of employees 2 years his senior in employment, in both job knowledge and ability to perform the job."

Carlson L. Harris
Lead Structural Inspector

Wrangell General Hospital
Wrangell, Alaska - June 4, 1990

"It is my pleasure to write on behalf of Mr. David Owens. Through the 2 years of this project, Dave has performed in an exemplary manner. He has, provided leadership and experience far above our expectations. Mr. Owens' abilities, I feel, to represent the owner's interests with architects and contractors, were instrumental in keeping the project within scope and budget. Mr. Owens receives my highest recommendation."

John H. Vowell Jr.


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